Compokeeper - Keep It Clean

Compokeeper Compost Bin

no odors. no fruit flies.

The CompoKeeper features a proprietary clamp within the bin that holds the liner in place. The clamping mechanism automatically seals our custom compostable bags (ASTM D6400 certified), locking odors in and fruit flies out.

Keep it clean.

The CompoKeeper offers quadruple-action odor control. With the bag sealed, holes for improved air circulation, a carbon filter and a stylized lid—the stench of compost is under control and fruit flies are left looking for another party to crash.

Stop wasting your time on waste.

Food scraps make up 33% of the average home's waste stream. The Compokeeper’s generous 6 gallon size and effective odor control allow you to store more for longer.

hands-off composting. easy and clean.

With the foot pedal doing the work of opening and closing the bag, you get to keep your hands free and clean.

Keep clutter off the counter.

Due to it's large size and foot pedal operations, the CompoKeeper lives on the floor or under the counter, where trash belongs, instead of on your prepping and cooking surfaces.
product dimensions: 16.9" tall x 10.76" wide x 14.7" deep (including foot pedals)

Fearless bag removal.

You don't have to worry about the bag ripping and leaving a rotten mess all over your floor. The internal bag tote allows you to comfortably remove and carry a full load of food scraps to the compost outside.

versatile storage. intuitive design.

The CompoKeeper offers hands-free, convenient operation through a fixed-position foot-pedal, ideal for busy cooks and congested kitchens.

Integration into any kitchen.

You can choose. The CompoKeeper’s floor-standing profile allows you to take advantage of the foot-pedal, decorative lid and charcoal filter. Or keep it out of sight under the counter or in a slide out trash compartment and use the handle to open and seal the compostable liner. Optional accessories are included and easy to assemble.

it's simple. it's easy being green.

CompoKeeper LLC was founded on the premise of making in-home composting simpler and cleaner, thereby increasing the number of people adopting the eco-friendly behavior in their everyday lives. Our goal is to develop containers that are intuitive to use and clean to keep.

Seeking alternatives to smelly, messy and hassle-filled composting?

The CompoKeeper offers a cleaner and easier way to collect and store compostable waste.

Doing the right thing for the environment.

It shouldn't have to feel like a chore. This innovative compost bin eliminates all that stinks in kitchen composting. No odors or fruit flies. Hands-free operations. Intuitive designs. The CompoKeeper's patent-pending liner-sealing technology eliminates the odor, pests and mess typically associated with in-kitchen composting solutions.

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